Thursday, 2 February 2012

Club Penguin Times #328

Hey Penguins!

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times is here. Lets take a look inside this weeks issue - 

The Fashion Show is now on at The Gift Shop -

Cadence will make an apperance at the Fashion Show -

The Island is now fixed, thanks to your help! -

Upcoming Events -

- Dj Wazzer

Penguin Style February 2012 Cheats

Hey Penguins!

There is a new Penguin Style catalog at the Gift Shop. It is full of some new fashion show themed outfits. Here are this months new cheats -

To get the 'White Feather Boa', click on the penguins mouth as circled in the picture - 

To get the 'Silver Star Necklace', click on the top of the tree as circled in the picture - 

- Dj Wazzer

Fashion Show At The Gift Shop!

Hey Penguins!

The Fashion Show is now on at the Gift Shop. The Fashion Show is on from February 2nd-14th. - 

Cadence will making visits to the Fashion Show. You will be able to add her and get her background. There are some new outfits in the Penguin Style catalog, so you can look good on the runway! 

Let us know what you think about the Fashion Show.

- Dj Wazzer

Field Ops #67

Hey Penguins!

Agents should report to The EPF Command Room to receive some new orders from G.

Here are this weeks orders - 

Herbert has escaped and Agents must find out what happened. The feed was badly damaged, and G wants Agents to fix it.

This weeks field op location is at The EPF Command Room. Stand by the screen. Your Spy Phone will then flash. Click on it and you will be able to play this weeks mini-game.

For this weeks mini-game, Agents have to repair the system -

Use the commands to guide the bot to the red circles. You can only use five sets of commands, so try and use as many as you can in one set. Click on the arrows to guide the bot. the commands are left, forward, right. Sometimes this mini-game can be difficult, but you will evetually get use to it.

When you guide the bot to all of the red circles, you will earn a medal!

- Dj Wazzer